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Look out for these features before buying a printer

A good printer may be a useful convenience on campus and off. It is important to know what to look for in a printer for college students. You wouldn’t have to run around looking for computer centers or xerox shops if you plan on buying a printer for your college dorm. An inexpensive printer that takes up minimal area and prints quickly from your smartphone or tablet will save the day.

If you do not do your research while searching for the best printers for college students, you’re likely to pay a hefty sum. As each printer has its sturdy points and a fair range of negatives. When looking, it is important to have a decent plan of specifically how you intend to use your printer.

Laser printer

However, in the long-term, the laser printer toner cartridges last for much longer than ink cartridges. And, although they cost additional, toner cartridges tend to cost a lower price per printed page. If you’re a maths or accounting major, try calculating the precise price per printed page for the cartridges of the printers you’re considering. In other words, you’ll be better off in the long-run with a laser printer.

Printer reviews and ratings

Pay close attention to printer model numbers. Most makers release out dozens of models with slight variations. To make sure you’re getting the right printer as suggested, follow the links enclosed with every review.

While researching the most effective printers for college students, check out a lot of professional and customer ratings and reviews of dozens of models. This guide features printers that are mobile-friendly, cost-efficient, and have an intuitive interface.

Printer price

It’s common for the most affordable printers to possess only the most expensive ink cartridge.

It’s how the manufacturers make their cash. So, before you head to the closest best purchase, do some research online. Ensure the price tag of the replacement cartridges is in line with different models at the same price point.

It’s additionally worth checking whether you’ll be able to obtain third-party ink cartridges for your printer and whether you’ll be able to refill the ink cartridges. Bear in mind that using unapproved ink cartridges may void your warranty.

buying a printer

Printer Ink

There are 3 common cartridge configurations.

Two ink cartridges: A black cartridge and an all-in-one color cartridge.

Four ink cartridges: A black cartridges and 3 separate cartridges for cyan, magenta, and yellow. This is often the CMYK color model.

Inkwells: Instead of using cartridges, the printer gets its ink from massive, refillable wells.

Print quality

Several things have an effect on the print quality, as well as the look of the printhead, the printer’s driver, and the quality of the ink. However, the main specification to look out for is that the printer’s DPI (dots per inch). It indicates how accurately a printer will replicate the pixels of an image.

Will you primarily use it for printing out text? Or, are you planning to use color graphics? Do you need the flexibility to copy and scan additionally to printing? If you primarily need a printer that will print out black-and-white text, you’ll save plenty of cash by avoiding color printers or all-in-one setups.